The Samsung Galaxy S2 Is Beautiful

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The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most beautiful looking phones I have ever seen. The large crisp touchscreen spans the handset which produces vivid colours. The sleek contours of the edging blend together seamlessly and you can be sure that the Galaxy S2 will have heads turning everywhere you go.

With an oleophobic (fat repelling) coating, the screen resists one of the most common and irritating drawbacks which plagues all touch screens - fingerprints. Samsung's engineers have also worked very hard to reduce the footprint of the phone making it very thin indeed.

So, it has a wide screen covering almost 95% of the front area, has an oleophobic layer and is one of the thinnest smartphones ever made. And yes, it looks as good as it sounds. I can clearly catch a loud and enthusiastic 'hear,hear' from the smartphone community right now. With a Super AMOLED plus capacitive screen toughened by the Gorilla Glass Display, the kind of aesthetics which is sure to satiate even a Renaissance art dealer. You certainly wouldn't be embarrassed pulling the Galaxy S2 out of your pocket in a busy place. Already billed as one of the most powerful smartphones to have embraced the global market, the Samsung Galaxy S2 sure does deliver a high on its looks too.

Much has been written about the phone's highly impressive and beautiful display and its proximity to size zero. And it is at this point that one could not help but to compare the Samsung Galaxy S2 to Mr Alexander Graham Bell's telephone. The reason for this quantum leap being none other than the fact that though telephones more or less remained the same in size and signal quality for a long time, the advent of mobile phones and mobile telephony has gone hand in hand with the electronics revolution. The downsizing of dimensions and the exponential increase in processing power and the increased speed is a clear indicator as to where and how smartphones are headed to.

The concept of ubiquitous computing has a high probability of marrying into the mobile phone family and related paraphernalia. The end result being smartphones disappearing from the visible world. All phones connected to the physical world, not by mobile telephony but through their own network.

It inspires a person to philosophize, and that is the strongest comment I could come up with. The very fact that no aspect has been compromised for the sake of the other is indicative of either of the two possibilities- we have reached a plateau in terms of technology and/or another breakthrough or revolution is at hand.

Science fiction apart, the newest and strongest contender to the 'smartest' smartphone tag is indeed a glimpse of the future. And in the meanwhile Cleopatra still rules us in the present.

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The Samsung Galaxy S2 Is Beautiful

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This article was published on 2011/07/05