The Brilliant Samsung Galaxy S Featuring Touchwiz Ui

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The new Samsung Galaxy S, despite being the manufacturers first foray into the top end smartphone market, will rightly be receiving nervous glances from the so called big brands thanks to some great features and very high end specification.

People who like to text or e mail a lot, or those who use social networking sites will be interested by a new feature named Swype that is incorporated on the Galaxy S. Unlike keypads on other touchscreens that require you to individually press each character that you require, Swype works by running your finger over the screen in a continuous motion. You may think that this method will produce many unwanted words due to the unwanted keys that you inevitably press, however the excellent intelligence of the handset correctly predicts the word you require the majority of the time. This is a system that could revolutionise the way we compose messages, and will probably be adopted by other manufacturers at some time in the future. Part of the reason such a system works on this device is due to the large screen which also has benefits in other areas. Watching video on the phone is a real pleasure. The handset plays back both DIVX and xVid, making it one the the best phones for video playback. A dedicated movie app makes playing your film easier, and even your footage that you shoot on the handset itself looks great thanks to 720P high definition recording.

The Samsung Galaxy S runs on the ever popular Google Android operating system. Behind the scenes an excellent processor moves everything along at a very fast pace. The chip is a 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8 affair and more than adequately handles everything that the phone can throw at it. The Galaxy S uses Samsungs own TouchWiz user interface which not only adds great functionality but also some rather quirky features too. TouchWiz is a system based around widgets, where you can place your icons across a variety of homescreens, each accessible by swiping your finger across the screen. Some of the widgets will have real appeal to prospective users. Particularly topical is the "Friends and Updates" widget, which will appeal to anybody who uses social networking site. This feature keeps you up to speed with all of the latest status updates and tweets all in one place. The Galaxy S comes with 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, however this can always be increased with the addition of an SD Card.

The Samsung Galaxy S is certainly one of the more impressive smartphones we have encountered An excellent combination of display, design and features make it an attractive proposition for both experienced smartphone users and also those looking to upgrade from a more basic handset.

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The Samsung Galaxy S and the Vodafone 845 are available now.

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The Brilliant Samsung Galaxy S Featuring Touchwiz Ui

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This article was published on 2010/09/25