Samsung Introduces the High Specification Galaxy S

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Samsung have launched their first major assault on the ultra competitive smartphone market with the launch of their high specification Galaxy S model. And first impressions of the handset, with the extra large display and excellent speed on offer sure to win many new fans.

Samsung make very clever use of Super AMOLED screen technology in this new model, with excellent results. Unlike AMOLED, which comprises of two screens, one for the display and one to register touch, this new technology cleverly merges both screens into one single sheet. The result is a screen that is not only wafer thin, but also one that responds terrifically in sunlight, an area where many other mobile handsets falter. Thanks to this, and some very clever design, the manufacturers have managed to release this phone with an overall depth of just 9.9mm. The phones other measurements are fairly standard for a phone of this specification at 122.4 x 64.2, which may seem large but bear in mind that the screen boasts a massive 4" diagonal measurement. Another area where the display really excels is with media playback. The built in accelerometer chip quickly detects when the phone is on its side and adjusts accordingly, giving a superb quality widescreen image thanks to the excellent 480 x 800 resolution.

One area where the Samsung Galaxy S excels is with regards to the media facilities that it offers. Photographer will appreciate the impressive still camera facility. Despite being a fairly average 5 million pixel rating, the camera does benefit from a host of features that might otherwise be associated with a dedicated still camera. The phone offers manual white balance adjustment as well as a pre defined set of scene modes, allowing you to optimise the photograph depending on the type of photo you are taking such as landscape, portrait or sports. The phone also geo tags snaps, placing a geographical position on each photo thanks to the handsets built in GPS. The handset is capable of recording video footage which is in a very high quality 720P resolution. This is the minimum standard that is required to be classified as high definition. The footage is also recorded at an impressive frame rate of 30 per second, with the result being super sharp footage with great quality sound. The Galaxy S also supports video calling, thus a VGA quality front facing camera is installed on the front of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S certainly seems a worthy contender to the iPhone crown. A superb screen combines with great looks and excellent specification and the result is a smartphone that will please the majority of users.

The Samsung Galaxy S and the Acer NeoTOuch P300 are available now.

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Samsung Introduces the High Specification Galaxy S

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This article was published on 2010/09/25